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the Earthbound Princess EP is a collection of VGM-style songs that i wrote inspired  by a D&D mini-campaign that my friend ran in fall 2021. each track was inspired by one of the player characters, with the exception of "earthbound princess," which was based off an NPC.

full disclosure: this EP is available to listen to for free on spotify. however by downloading it on itch.io, you 1) are freed from the shackles of corporate greed and receive MP3 files that you can play on basically anything, and 2) you have the option of donating to support the artist (me). and i would appreciate that!

7 songs, 33 minutes, MP3 file format
higher-quality FLAC files available upon request.

Track List:

  1. chill beats to conjure pomeranians to
  2. charmander isn't real?
  3. a fire elemental? on MY bridge?
  4. earthbound princess 
  5. haunted dad rock
  6. don't forget to pack a lunch!
  7. necromancy waltz


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chill beats to conjure pomeranians to.mp3 5 MB
charmander isn't real.mp3 6 MB
a fire elemental on MY bridge .mp3 6 MB
earthbound princess.mp3 5 MB
haunted dad rock.mp3
don't forget to pack a lunch.mp3 6 MB
necromancy waltz.mp3 6 MB

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